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Are you facing overwhelming life events or stressful relationships and looking to talk to someone outside of your family or friendship groups for non-judgemental, caring and professional support? Or perhaps you have decided it’s time to find help managing difficult feelings, isolation, low self esteem or patterns of behaviour that are badly affecting your quality of life?

Whatever has brought you here, I can offer you a warm, nurturing and confidential space in which to share and explore your thoughts and feelings. Working together we can find ways to understand and manage your problems which can lead to positive transformation and improved emotional wellbeing .

WHAT TO EXPECT:  I feel it’s useful for us to talk before taking the decision to work together, so offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss what has brought you to therapy and how I might help. If we’re both happy to proceed, we’ll agree a time for a one-hour initial assessment where I’ll be asking questions about your past and present circumstances. We will establish whether time-limited counselling or open-ended psychotherapy would be most suitable for you.
After this, we'll commence weekly 50-minute sessions in a comfortable, private and tranquil space where we'll meet every week at the same time . (See FAQs for online sessions.) This will be your space to talk about whatever it is that's been troubling you or causing you anxiety recently or in the past. If you're worried you might struggle to find the words to express yourself, I will help you find them.

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